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Do’s and Dont’s before straightening your hair

You must admit that you love having a straight and long hair and for that you use a hair straightener. But do you know how to have a straight hair and volume at the same time? We give you some tricks.

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Choose a ceramic straightener

Always use a ceramic straightener in order to have a beautiful and natural looking hair. It spreads the heat uniformly so that the hair to set perfectly.

Be careful with the size of the straightener

Depending on your hair type you need to use a different flat iron. If you have long and thick hair, then you should use a straightener with large plates, in order to cover more hair, whereas if you have an oily hair, then you should wash your hair with a baby shampoo. It is designed to absorb the oil and make your hair glow.

Set the temperature at maximum 160°

A high temperature can seriously damage your hair strands, more if you straighten your hair with regularity. The belief according to which your hair will be straightened better if you use a higher temperature is wrong. The maximum temperature recommended is 160°.

Don’t use the straightener too often

Avoid straightening your hair daily and try to use the flat iron at least every two days. In addition, if you have an oily hair, wash your hair with a baby shampoo in order to absorb the oil.

Don’t use the straightener on a wet hair

If you want to have a healthy hair try to avoid straightening it when it is wet. The high temperature will seriously damage the hair strand.

Use a styling spray

Every time you want to straighten your hair, try to apply a special product designed to protect the hair from heat. In this way, the heat will not damage that much the hair strands.

Do's and Dont's before straightening your hair

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