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Milk – Your Best Ally For Health and Beauty

Unlike the popular belief according to which milk is quite dangerous for your system, specialists say that this dairy product has the exact opposite result. Thanks to its high levels of vitamin D, A, potassium, proteins and calcium, milk can combat osteoporosis and many other health-related problems.

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But, did you know that you can also use milk’s properties to be forever young and beautiful? We present you five reasons to use milk as a beauty care product:

  1. Weight loss

Studies have shown that people who include milk in their diet, are more likely to lose weight than those who chose not to drink this ingredient.

  1. Strong teeth

Due to the active ingredients it contains – calcium, iodine and phosphorus – milk can fight against dental plaque, prevent cavities and strengthen the enamel. In other words, have some milk every day and keep bacteria away!

  1. Better sleep

Milk is a rich source of amino acids, substances that relax your muscles and eventually improve your sleep. We recommend you to drink a glass of tepid milk every evening before going to sleep.

  1. Strong muscles

Milk is rich in proteins and, if you drink it with regularity, you can ensure your body the necessary amount of proteins. Along with calcium, proteins can strengthen and develop your muscular mass. Therefore, have a glass of milk every time you finish your gym class as it is a glass full of nutrients.

  1. Healthy skin

Antiquity illustrates how the great kings and queens used milk baths in order to have a young and silky skin. In modern times, science has proven that the amino acids in milk protect the skin from the action of free radicals, particularly the UV rays and remove the dead cells from the skin surface, leaving it softer and morbid. Apply some milk all over your skin and leave it dry, then rinse with warm water. You will be amazed by its power.

Milk - Your Best Ally For Health and Beauty

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