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Natural Remedies against Acne Scars

Acne is a very uncomfortable aspect of a person’s life. However, there are remedies that can help you combat the scars that can affect your look in a bad way.


Grate some potatoes, then blend them until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your skin and rub gently, leaving it sit until it gets dry. Eventually, rinse with tepid water.

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Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera is rich in enzymes and nutrients that will reduce the acne and the inflamed pores. All you have to do is apply some Aloe Vera juice on your skin and massage gently by using circular motions.

Lemon juice

Apply some lemon juice directly on your acne scars and let it get dry, then rinse with warm water.


Spread 1 or 2 tbsp of honey on your skin and massage the affected area for several minutes. Leave the honey sit up to 10 minutes, then rinse gently. Honey has antibacterial and regenerative properties, cleaning your skin of impurities and repairing the damaged cells.

Rose water

Use the rose water as a tonic for your skin. You can either buy one or you can prepare it by yourself. Boil a handful of rose petals and let it get cold, before applying it on the affected area. This liquid will clean your skin of impurities and dead cells.

Natural Remedies against Acne Scars

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